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Data cable
LT-333 Quick Charge Denim Braided 3-in-1 Data Cable
Rs 999 Rs 1,500 33% off
LT-212 Type C 40w Data Cable With Led Indication
Rs 530 Rs 950 44% off
Data cable
LT-313 Type C To Lightning 3.0 65w With Led Indication
Rs 710 Rs 1,400 49% off
Data cable
LT-PD1 Type C to Lightning Cable
Rs 375 Rs 800 53% off
New arrival
LT-D125 Micro Cable
Rs 180 Rs 350 48% off
New arrival
LT-D125 Type C Cable
Rs 210 Rs 400 47% off
New arrival
LT-D125 Type C to Type C
Rs 225 Rs 500 55% off
LT-D9 IOS 2.4 A Stylish Metal Look Cable
Rs 315 Rs 650 51% off
New arrival
LT-D124 Type C to Type C Cable
Rs 699 Rs 1,748 60% off
Data cable
LT-313 Type C To Type C 3.0 65w With Led Indication
Rs 744 Rs 900 17% off
LT-212 IOS 40w Support Data Cable With Led Indication
Rs 590 Rs 700 15% off
New arrival
LT-D124 Type C to IOS Cable
Rs 749 Rs 2,496 69% off
New arrival
LT-D124 Type C Cable
Rs 650 Rs 2,063 68% off
LT-202 V8 Cable

Best Fast Charging Cable Price in Pakistan

Login Smart Technology understands the need to deliver advanced technology at a low cost. Giving everyone the option to seamlessly charge their devices with Login’s fast charging cables.

These data cables are made up of the finest material giving the wire flexibility and strength making it durable and designed to bring you convenience and ease. Get these impressive data cables online from our website and enjoy lightning-fast charging and reliable data transfer today.

Get an Exclusive Fast Data Cable Here

Login Smart Technology brings you the most exclusive collection of fast-charging cables available in Pakistan at inexpensive rates. Login data cables improve the overall charging experience. Login data cables ensure safe and secure charging at a high speed. So now charge your devices quickly and effectively with Login charging cables. 

The fast charging cable price in Pakistan is very steep but we at Login Smart Technology bring premium quality data cables at competitively low prices. Stay connected with these versatile data cables, they are the best seamless solution for lightning-fast charging and data transfer needs. Login data cables are durable made from the best quality material and are widely compatible with all devices. Login is a name you trust for quality and reliability browse our website and find the data cables online now.

Safe and Effective Data Cables

Login Smart Technology provides data cables that are made up of high quality material making them flexible and strong providing safe and effective charging to your device. Login data cables are designed for people who want quick and reliable charging. Power up your devices with high speed and effectively using Login charging cables.

Fast Charging Cable For All Your Device

Login Data Cables offer a wide range of compatibility with electronic devices such as Andriod smartphones, iPhones, tablets, Bluetooth gadgets, and USB-enabled devices providing them with fast and reliable charging. Ensuring Universal compatibility. Login Smart technology brings the best Type C and Micro data cable available in Pakistan giving you fast charging and ease.

Buy Data Cables for Fast Data Transfer 

Login Smart Technology understands that fast and reliable charging is not the only thing a data cable is needed for, It is also needed to provide fast and efficient data transfer. Enjoy seamless data transfer through our data Cable whether you need it for transferring or syncing data or updating your device Login data cables ensure fast and effective data transfer effortlessly share files and important documents. Login data cables are the answer to all your data transfer needs. 

Login Data Cables-Durability Like None Other

Login Smart Technology offers the most durable and reliable data cable in Pakistan. They are made up of high-quality material able to withstand any twist, tug, and tangle. Internal wiring ensures safe and stable charging. Choose the Login data cable and enjoy durability and reliability. 

Buy Data Cables- Get Your Fit Today

Login smart technology brings you these data cables in a wide range of sizes. Experience convenience and say goodbye to the problems of regularly adjusting cables while online or when you are working while connected to your power bank. Enjoy a variety of lengths to suit your preference find the right length for you today from our website and connect effortlessly your device to the charging port or transfer data without any restrictions.  

Affordable Top Quality Fast Charging cables   

Looking for the best data cable at affordable prices? Get the best fast charging cable price in Pakistan through Login smart technology. Find the best data cable at inexpensive cheap rates. These data cables are made up of top-quality material which makes them long-lasting and durable. Find the quality data cable online now through our website.  

Login Data Cable Prices:

LT-1947 Micro Charging Cable Rs.90

LT-333 Quick Charge Denim Braided 3-In-1 Data Cable Rs.700

LT-212 Type C 40w Support With Led Indication Rs.530

LT-313 Type C To Lightning 3.0 65w With Led Indication Rs.710.00

LT-PD1 Type C To Lightning Cable Rs.375.00

LT-40 Micro Data Cable (Metal) Rs.150.00

LT-313 Type C To Type C 3.0 65w With Led Indication Rs.744.00

LT-D125 Micro Cable Rs.180.00

LT-D9 IOS 2.4 A Stylish Metal Look Rs.315.00

LT-D125 Type C Cable Rs.210.00

LT-D124 Type C Rs.365.0

LT-212 IOS 40w Support With Led Indication Rs.590.0

LT-D125 Type C To Type C Rs.225.00

LT-D124 Type C To IOS Rs.480.00

LT-D124 Type C To Type C Rs.400.00


Quality Assurance of Login Data Cable 

Login Smart Technology is the name people trust so we believe in providing excellence to the customers. We offer versatile and reliable fast charging cable at affordable prices made from the top quality material providing them with durability and reliability. Enjoy the convenience of these data cables with reliable power delivery, speedy data transfer, universal compatibility, and long life. Experience connectivity like never before with Login fast data cables. Browse our website and look for something for your seamless connectivity needs.